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Are you a student?

Are you a student?

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Your Final Grade (你的最终成绩)

Your Final Grade


It is the 🔥 ultimate 🔥 final 💪 grade 💯 calculator 🧮 for students🎉👩‍🎓

Is it mobile friendly? Of course!

Is it mobile friendly?

Of course!

Computer Science Major @ WPI

Class of 2022

CS Major at


Class of


Professional Experience

Software Engineer Intern | Greater Boston (Summer of 2020)

Software Engineer Intern

Greater Boston

(Summer of 2020)

Employer and project details will be added at the conclusion of the internship.

Freelance Experiences | Remote (Jun '17 - Sep '19)

Freelance Experiences


(Jun '17 - Sep '19)

Developed a GraphQL API in Golang interacting with MongoDB and redis to serve a React.js Frontend

Developed a drag & drop “Scratch-like” Internet of Things (IoT) Device Configuration Utility

Rewrote Extract-Transform-Load Pipeline, as previous method was deprecated, with Cloud Functions: to manage OAuth onboarding, accept incoming webhook data from IoT products, process, and save the data to Firebase and MongoDB.

Developed a web app, following branding restrictions, which displayed IoT events from Firebase interacting with Samsung SmartThings Device Plugin API.

Go, Python, Web, Node.js, AWS, Quasar Framework, Node.js, Vue.js, GCP


Your Final Grade

Final Grade Calculator created to fit any syllabus.

Google Cloud Functions + App Engine, Node.js, MongoDB, Quasar Framework, Vue.js, Vuex, QR Codes, Websockets

Live at yourfinalgrade.com

Vietnamese Text Analyzer

Webapp with text segmentation engine and persistent memoryto help learners read documents with new vocabulary.

Docker Swarm, Typescript, Quasar Framework, Vue.js, Python 3

View the repo

District One Stats (formerly frc.gg)

FRC Team ELO/Trueskill rankings from competition data.

Login via SMS OTP (Twilio), MongoDB, Google Cloud Functions, Quasar Framework, Vue.js

Live at districtonestats.com

View v2019 (~20MB)


Helps develop speed typing skills in Simplified Chinese.

Github Pages, Cloudflare, Quasar Framework, Vue.js

Live at jcharante.com/hanzi


Cloud sync'd to-do list with prioritization based on deadlines & more.

glitch.me, MongoDB, Quasar Framework, Vue.js

Live on glitch.me

I'm a member of Vidali Lab at WPI.

I recently presented a poster at the SACNAS 2019 conference on

Investigating vesicle dynamics and the effect of cytoskeletal fiber attachments using computer-based simulations.

My classes at WPI

CS 525 / DS 595

Information Retrieval & Social Web

Python 3, Scraping

CS 4432

Database Systems II

Java, (theory)

CS 4241


JS, Node.js, MongoDB, Quasar Framework, Vue.js, Vuex

CS 3733

Software Engineering

Java, agile, team-based

CS 3013

Operating Systems

C++, C, Linux Kernel Modules

CS 2011

Intro to Machine Org & Assembly

C, Assembly

CS 3133

Foundations of CS

(theory: automata, etc.)

RBE 3002

Robotics IV: Autonomous Navigation

ROS, Python 2

CS 2223


Java, C++

CS 1102

Acc. Intro to Program Design

Racket (Functional Programming)

CS 2022

Discrete Mathematics

CS 2102

Object-Oriented Design Concepts


I can be reached at

Mia LinkedIn. | Follow me on GitHub.

Mia LinkedIn.

Follow me on GitHub.