One of the things I like working on is learning languages. I'm not ambitious enough to have "learn all languages" on my bucket list, but I'd like to speak a decent amount.

I was born in Peru and lived there until I moved to the US as a child. So I'm able to speak both English and Spanish at a native proficiency. Except, I'm pretty sure that if someone overhears me in Peru they'll see me as a foreigner and mug me two minutes later (I like my country but it's got a problem).

I started learning Esperanto while secondary. Now that I live in Worcester, I'm able to attend "monthly" Boston Esperanto meetings.

Both my roommates are a non-zero-percentage Vietnamese, and I have Vietnamese friends, so therefore the only logical step is to start learning Vietnamese.

I want to take a foreign language to fulfill my humanities requirements. Spanish, German, Chinese are offered at WPI. It kinda feels like cheating to take Spanish, I'm not a fan of English so why would I take its parent, so the logical choice is to take Chinese. I'll probably end up minoring in it. Also, I have more Chinese friends than German friends, so I can torture them with boring small talk.

I'd be pretty happy if I was able to speak the following languages by the time I finished college

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Esperanto
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Mandarin

At some point I'd like to learn Portuguese and Lojban.

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