How to break up with your homework partner (Sat Nov 24 '18)

So recently I found that I needed to break up with my homework partner for a class I was in. If I'm being completely candid, the relationship started because the professor was offering a 3% bonus on HW grades for those who had a homework partner, maybe because then the TAs would have less work to grade.

It was just too much work to coordinate when to meet, because we both had conflicting schedules. He was a great partner, don't get me wrong, but we just weren't on the same difficulty level for the class.

I found out that my roommate, whose homework partner made him do all the work (whether an explicit or implicitly distributed quantity of work, it was still unfair to both), was open to partnering with me as he knew that I also longed for something more in a homework partner.

And so after finishing up an assignment with my partner, I broke the news to him. He was very understanding, which I'm grateful for. I revoked access to the repos on GitHub I had created, and emailed him zip files containing the master branch of the repos at the time of revocation. I hope I handled things well.