Drops: 500 Words Later (Nov '18)

This is part 2 in the Drops series of thought. Part 1

I mentioned that Sunday that I was starting to use an app called Drops. I originally tested it on Spanish and Esperanto, but I ended up mostly sticking to expanding my Vietnamese vocabulary.

This morning I reached 500 words in Vietnamese, and 113 words in Esperanto.

My friends tell me that there is a huge difference between Northern Vietnamese and Southern Vietnamese, so I've always been cautious about taking everything at face value when utilizing tools that don't advertise the distinction. Fortunately it seems that the vocabulary is mostly Northern Vietnamese, and the narration seems alright.. My roommate says that the voice seems a bit to high pitched, but I'm sure if it's because it's a voice of a woman or if the woman's voice is too high pitched. Regardless it's useful for learning the written form of words, and I always have native speakers around me when I'm unsure about pronunciation.