Hello Talk: Second Update (Nov '18)

I'm not sure if it's okay to call this the second update, since I don't think you can call the first post an update.. but I'm sticking with it because I've already named this file HelloTalkDu.vue and I don't want to rename it to HelloTalkUnu.vue, because I'd presume that HelloTalk.vue already means HelloTalkUnu.vue

So I got my first reply. I originally sent out messages at 1pm, which was around 1am in Vietnam, but minutes ago I started having my first conversation with someone. It was going really well, but unfortunately I had to cut it short because I have a million deadlines crashing down on me.

I must say, having a roommate* who natively speaks your target language is invaluable, because when I told my pal that I had to study, she replied with "Cố lên!" and the built-in translation tool said it meant "Fighting!", but that makes no sense in the context. My roommate says that it means something along the lines of "go forth with a fighting spirit! obliterate it! kill it!" which makes more sense. So I'm very grateful for those vibes.

*I actually have two roommates who speak Vietnamese.