Hello Talk: Fifth Update (Nov '18)

Okay so it's been another two days of using Hello Talk, and I still love it. I no longer reach out to people, because I don't have enough time to continue a conversation with everyone that's talked to me, but I still reply to people who reach out to me. Until yesterday I was mostly communicating with Vietnamese speakers who wanted to learn English, but someone who spoke Spanish and Vietnamese who wanted to learn English reached out to me. She poked fun at some of my minor Spanish mistakes, because I'm not accustomed to writing in Spanish (it's mostly me repeating the syllables in the word to figure out how to spell it with the help of autocorrect). Overall, everyone is really nice, and it's just an incredibly effective way to connect people. I don't understand why Amikumu doesn't have this feeling attached to it, but then again it might be that it's primarily targeting Esperantists, and even on Hello Talk I've only talked to just one Esperantisto.

I'm really glad I watched the C-Milk video where he mentioned Hello Talk on Sunday.