Hello Talk: Third Update (Nov '18)

So something that's bothering me, and it's not specific to Hello Talk, Drops "suffers" from it too, is that when I'm trying to get stuff done on my desktop I have to look down at my phone, and I wish I could just open/access the apps online. I'd a pain to pick up my phone and type stuff instead of writing it from my keyboard. Although I should be somewhat thankful since I have autocomplete, although I don't know if that's a crutch or not.

Anyways, as it gets later in the day, and more and more people from Vietnam awake, I'm getting more activity on Hello Talk, which is great! Except I have to get a bunch of stuff done and I don't have the self control to not respond. To be fair it's on schoolwork that I'm working on, if I was doing paid stuff obviously I would control myself.